Functional Polymer

Functional polymers are polymers with advanced optic, thermal and/or electronic properties Advantages of functional polymers are low cost, ease of processing and a range of attractive mechanical characteristics for functional organic molecules. One can adjust properties while keeping material usage low. Moreover, conducting polymers were reported which greatly promoted the research on various devices. The main advantages of conducting polymers are that they possess not only the electronic and optical properties of metals and inorganic semiconductors, but also the flexible mechanics and processability of polymers. In addition, there is special electrochemical redox activity with conducting polymers. Obviously, conducting polymers, including doped conducting polymers and intrinsic semiconducting conjugated polymers, will play a key role in the future development of organic optoelectronic and electrochemical devices. Advanced Polymeric Material Laboratory focuses on the followings;

  - Polymer nanocomposites with functional nano-scale filler
 - Solid polymer electrolyte for battery application
 - Electrically conductive polymer for organic electrode