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¢º Sungkyunkwan University
  The Sungkyunkwan University has produced the countries' intellectuals for nearly 600 years since it was first established in 1398 as the only state founded university, the à÷гν(Sung Kyun Kwan). Since then, the university has gone through many changes from being re-established as a modern university in 1946 to its present form as one of the most prominent schools in Korea.

  In particular, after the Samsung business group's participation in 1996, the University by stages has undergone an ambitious, long-term development strategy called ¡ÈVISION 2010¡È. With the goal of becoming one of the top private institutions in the world by 2010, the 21 colleges, 930 faculty members and 22,000 students have been working hard through the initial stage of ¡ÈReform¡È to the present stage of ¡ÈTake-off¡È. Astonishing achievements made in research as well as being awarded the most BK21 (Brain Korea21) projects, has made the realization of this goal more attainable.

¢ºThe Sungkyun Language Institute
  Since its establishment as a ¡ÈVideo and Audio Education center¡È in 1964, and its re-organization as the ¡ÈSungkyun Language Institute¡È in 1996 to the present, the institute has been working hard to enhance language skills by developing effective teaching methods and teaching materials.

  Especially, with the Korean Language course, the institute provides a valuable experience for foreign students to learn not only the Korean language but also Korean culture and customs through various programs such as role playing, and field trip activities.

  The course consists of 4(spring, summer, fall, winter), 10-week semesters a year. Those who wish to participate may do so by selecting the desired semester and submitting their application.

< 2006 Korean Language Course Schedules >

Semesters Term *Application deadline **Level test etc.
Spring(2006) March 13(Mon) ­
May 19(Fri)
February 14 March 9
Summer June 21(Wed.) ­
Aug. 29(Tue)
May 26 June 19
Fall Sept. 13(Wed.) ­
Nov. 21(Tue)
August 18 Sep. 11
Winter Dec. 11(Tue) ­
Feb. 16, 2007(Fri)
November 10 Dec. 7

< 2007 Korean Language Course Schedules >

Semesters Term *Application deadline **Level test etc.
Spring(2007) March 12(Mon) ­
May 18(Fri)
February 18 March 8
Summer June 18(Mon) ­
Aug. 24(Fri)
May 20 June 14
Fall Sept. 17(Mon) ­
Nov. 23(Fri)
August 1 Sep. 13
Winter Dec. 17(Mon) ­
Feb. 22, 2008(Fri)
November 20 Dec. 13

*Depending on your VISA status the deadline may differ for each individual

**Level Test : 10:00am at SLI office
    Verbal Test : interview (5 to 10 minutes)
    Written Test : evaluating reading and writing skills (40 to 50 minutes)