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NESEL is world class research laboratory in the field of fabricating nanoscale devices. In the laboratory, we are growing nanostructures and composite nanostructures of variety of materials in various shapes and characterizing them by several techniques. Further, we are using these nanostructures and composite nanostructures in making several nanoelectronic devices. These devices are nanogenerators, hybrid organic inorganic solar cells, etc.





Recent Publications


“Transcutaneous ultrasound energy harvesting using capacitive triboelectric technology”



Energy & Environmental Science
“Dynamic halide perovskite heterojunction generates direct current”

Nature Communications
“Self-rechargeable cardiac pacemaker system with triboelectric nanogenerators”

Advanced Materials
“Precise Layer Control and Electronic State Modulation of a Transition Metal Dichalcogenide via Phase-Transition-Induced Growth”

Advanced Energy Materials
“Ultrahigh Power Output from Triboelectric Nanogenerator Based on Serrated Electrode via Spark Discharge”

Materials Today
“Piezoelectric properties in two-dimensional materials:Simulations and experiments”

ACS Nano
“Fully Stretchable Textile Triboelectric Nanogenerator with Knitted Fabric Structures”

Nano Energy
“Piezoionic-powered graphene strain sensor based on solid polymer electrolyte ”

Advanced Functional Materials
“Mechanoreceptor-Inspired Dynamic Mechanical Stimuli Perception based on Switchable Ionic Polarization”



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