Principle investigator

Microfludics and

        coating process laboratory

(미세 유체 및 코팅 공정 연구실)


Prof.  Jaewook Nam

Jaewook Nam, Ph. D, M. Eng

Assistant Professor

School of Chemical Engineering,

Sungkyunkwan University, 

Suwon 440-746, Korea

Office: +82-31-290-7349 (Rm 25301B)

Cell   : +82-10-9521-3091




Research Interests

Liquid coating process researches

Developing noble liquid-phase processes for thin-film productions.
Flow visualization of small scale free surface flows,
Analysis on elasto-hydrodynamic interaction between fluid and flexible material,
Free surface incompressible multiphase flow analysis using Galerkin/finite element method (G/FEM), Linear stability analysis on multi-layer flows coupling with moving mesh,
Developing and improving boundary conforming mesh method,
Developing an efficient algorithm for solving an eigenvalue problem,
Developing an algorithm for the direct tracking of desired flow states or vortex birth in flow system.

Complex fluid flow researches

Estimation (computation) and validation (experiment) of blood damage, Modeling of pore formation in red blood cell membrane (lipid bilayer), Hemorheology and Suspension rheology,
Modeling of bio-transport system and artificial organ,

Developing least-squares finite element method (LSFEM) for a scalar or tensor hyperbolic partial differ- ential equation (convection-reaction system),

Large-scale parallel computing (MPI programming) of transient three-dimensional transport system using Galerkin least-squares (GLS) method or LSFEM with space-time formulation,

Image analysis of micro-size features or structure in thin film

Developing image analysis method to identify micro-size features or structure